The concept of charity and volunteer work to sustainable development; through a lot of those actions and programs that aim to human and live starting with the individual and the family then extends to the society. The fact of charitable work and his plans must be linked to what could be caused by the effects of changes in the society towards the overall development. Charitable work is not just the efforts that being made according to rescue injured, treat a patient or money spent to feed needy but it must be in the direction of development and building society in the form of individuals and families, and here we can put the business in the proper context when the product planning for programs directed to each of the categories.

Charitable work from the donation to the sustainable development Real development is the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. This definition includes two important elements:
  • The concept of needs especially the basic needs of the world's poor, which must be occupies first place in the list of priorities.
  • The limits imposed by the state and social organizations on the idea of the environment ability to meet the needs of the present and future.

Achievements in Numbers

Clothing Distribution of clothes and shoes, jackets, socks, gloves and ice cover on school children and social unity and needy.
FAMILY AND CHILD Paying school fees for those unable - Orphan Day trips and concerts amusement park.
NO HUNGER cakes bags Ramadan and Eid and slaughter of sacrificial animals and calves.
BLANKETS The distribution of blankets for the poor and needy school children.
BUILDING Building unity roofs, nursing homes, medical clinic and distribution of doors and windows for the needy.
MEDICAL Convoys medical treatment and operations for free.

We have already implemented many programs and campaigns during the previous three years and now in the economic field, including the right to a good standard of living and in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability and other obstacles to ensure a decent life for the individuals. Also in the social and health services with the provision of basic services to the residential area of health care, education, child care and protection against disasters and environmental hazards.

"Say: Lo! my Lord enlargeth the provision for whom He will of His bondmen, and narroweth [it] for him. And whatsoever ye spend [for good] He replaceth it. And He is the Best of Providers. " - Saba 39

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